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Playtest Kit

Playtesting is too much hassle

We all know playtesting is essential for making games that players love.But most game developers donโ€™t run playtest as often as they want.

Busy Developers

"We don't have time to playtest"

Finding the right people to playtest can take forever - it's unclear where to look, or how to convince people to take part.Worrying that itโ€™ll just tell me things I already know and that we won't learn enough to justify spending time on playtestingThen there's the data - It's messy & take ages to deal with. And how do you make sure you are getting getting unbiased results?Just getting started can be hassle. What tools and software do we need to send a build? live stream a session? record the player's screen?

This means playtesting is too much effort, has an unclear return on investment, and is hard to prioritise against other game development tasks.

Playtests don't have to be so hard

Imagine a willing group of appropriate players waiting to be called upon when needed.A simple process for identifying when & what we need to playtest.A library of playtest methods at your disposal, ready to be applied to when needed.Pivoting easily between in-person & remote playtesting, and writing reliable surveys.Cutting through the noise of opinions to make unbiased informed data based game design decisions.And a reliable, robust tech setup - ready for any playtest challenge.UX researchers know how to make playtesting effective and efficient. But many game teams canโ€™t afford a dedicated researcher or consultant fees, and get stuck.

Run better playtests today

This toolkit is for game developers who have no time.Made in collaboration with game designers, producers, community managers, UX designers, QA managers and solo game devs, it brings the expertise of over 25,000 playtest hours into one complete playtest toolkit - making playtesting accessible to all.It's a comprehensive & actionable toolkit packed with processes, templates, guides, and tools. Everything you need to be confident running playtests today.

PLaytest Kit Screenshot
Dan Marshall

A really authoritative guide to organising playtests and sifting through the data for better results - there's so much to take away here, it feels like getting a consultant in at a fraction of the cost. A must-have for any studio looking to better their games through clever use of structured feedback.

Dan Marshall
BAFTA-winning indie dev
Size Five Games

The promise: Better playtesting, instantly

  • Get organized & save time with a repeatable & efficient playtesting process

  • Incorporate UX and User Research expertise instantly to avoid costly errors

  • Find reliable playtest participants, and make the best use of them

  • Draw reliable & evidence based game design conclusions based on real player behaviour

  • Reduce risk by playtesting throughout development, find the fun and maximise your chance for success

A complete step-by-step advanced process for better + faster playtesting

You'll get the complete toolkit with templates, guides + everything you need to run playtests today.Find playtesters, design & run playtests, and make sense from the data to find problems you didn't know your game had.

Find playtesters

  • Define your players

  • Find reliable playtesters cheaply

  • Make the most of your community

  • Maximise marketing opportunities

Prepare your playtest

  • Pick the right playtest method

  • Set up the tech to run live and remote sessions

  • Avoid leaks

  • Ask unbiased questions

  • Design tasks and surveys

Analyse your data

  • Cut through the noise of opinions with evidence

  • Find the meaning in the results

  • Learn what to action and what to ignore

Fix problems

  • Find the fun

  • Fix usability and UX issues

  • Balance difficulty, progressions and currencies

  • Make evidence-based decisions about design, mechanics, FTUE, retention, balance and more...

...and more!

What people are saying about Playtest Kit

Morgan Baker

a very approachable and developer-friendly guide to playtesting. The guidelines include helpful frameworks to keep you grounded during the sometimes chaoticness of game production, and makes playtesting feel not only less overwhelming, but genuinely more effective. It's a must-read for new developers and veterans alike

Morgan Baker
Accessibility Lead & Game Designer

nikka oldale

The Playtest Kit gives you all the tools and tips you need to plan, run and analyse your own playtesting!It helps to dispel the myths and mysteries around effective playtesting and should give you the confidence and knowledge to try it yourself. Playtesting can make a good game โ€“ great, so get stuck in!

Nikka Oldale
User Research Manager at Team 17

Jo Haslam

This is the perfect tool for game development teams of any size. It offers practical solutions in a clear and straightforward manner, ensuring that playtesting is never out of reach to even the smallest indie developer.

Jo Haslam
Design Director at Snap Finger Click

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What's included in Playtest Kit?

70+ advanced guides & templates to plan, run and analyse your playtests

  • Test prototypes

  • Recruit playtesters

  • Pick the right playtest method

  • Write a survey

  • Set up the tech to stream or record

  • Make evidence based decisions

  • Deal with community feedback & more!

Playtest Templates
Prepare your playtest

Find playtesters + prepare your playtest and your build

Guides, links and resources to help you decide playtest objectives, find the right playtesters, and prepare an appropriate test build.Access proven player recruitment methods to define and grow your player-base, tailored for teams who don't have much money to spend on playtesting.Learn from others who spent hundreds of hours running playtests on how to define and access the right players.

A library of playtest methods

Get instant, customizable templates to help you pick the right method to get the results you need, fast.Be ready to run a live playtest, remote sessions, or write a clear and unbiased survey.

Playtest methods
Cut through opinions

Cut through the noise of opinions

Learn how to gather reliable and actionable evidence to inform game development decisions. Sort through the noise to find the real information that matters.Find real data to convince clients, colleagues or yourself, and find the fun!

Save time using carefully curated templates

Get access to prepared templates for surveys, player recruitment, non disclosure agreements and more.Build from a base template, or remix pre-made examples for popular game genres.

Survey Templates
Bring structure into your playtest workflow

Bring structure into your playtest workflow

Pre-built checklists guide you through your tasks efficiently and easily.Ensure you don't miss out on anything important, and run a successful playtest.

(P.S. There's a lot more content within the playtest kit, but you'll have to purchase it to dig in!)


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Playtest Kit

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  • The complete toolkit

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Playtest Kit

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  • Everything in the Playtest Kit

  • Share access across a studio with access for up to ten people.

Nathan Pana

The Playtest Kit is the result of years of experience, distilled down into easy-to-follow, usable steps.Learn what to do, when to do it and how to make the most of play testing, no matter what stage of development you are at.Even for teams with established play test processes, this kit offers tips and suggestions that can be used to tweak the formula. An absolute must-have for games UX, insight and research teams.

Nathan Pana
UX / UI Director at Mighty Kingdom


How does it work?

After purchase, you'll instantly receive a link to the Playtest Kit, built in Notion. This can be duplicated as your own personal copy and the templates + process can be easily adapted for your own team.Notion is a free tool for managing documents, templates and workflows, and only the free 'personal' account is needed.

I've run lots of playtests before. Will this help me?

Yes. It was created in collaboration with game designers, producers, community managers, UX designers, QA managers and solo game devs.Together we explored what are the most annoying and frustrating bits of running playtests, and created solutions to make them easier.This toolkit will speed up and improve the quality of your playtesting process, whether it is your 1st or 100th playtest.

I haven't run a playtest before. Is this going to be useful for me?

Absolutely! This toolkit starts at the beginning, to help anyone who is considering running their first playtest, or has some experience running playests & wants to improve them.The Playtest Kit has useful tips on getting set up for game developers starting for the first time. You can also reach out to me on Twitter @steve_bromley for further help .

When in my game development process do I need the kit?

Successful games run playtests throughout development, from the earliest concept to post-launch.Our playtest roadmap will help you find the fun from the first prototype, and evolve your playtests throughout the development lifecycle to meet your needs

What exactly do you mean by playtesting?

Playtesting is the process of putting your game in front of players to test your assumptions about what players will do, understand, or enjoy.Playtesting de-risks game development, by allowing you to uncover and fix problems early in development.It's different from market research (deciding what type of game to make), and QA (looking for bugs) - but it creates iteration, which is a key part of making successful games.

Is this really worth $189?

This is the work of hundreds of hours creating content and collecting the best resources, so you don't have to. You'll get instant access to the complete toolkit to run your playtest.I've designed The Playtest Kit to be actionable. It's not a book you read once & shelve. It's a toolkit that you will use regularly. UX consultants charge $500+ a day to set up these processes, and the time you'll free up for other development tasks is invaluableI support parity pricing, so if you can't afford this, DM me on twitter (@Steve_Bromley) and I'll make it work!

Do you have a refund policy?

Of course. If you feel like the Playtest Kit hasn't provided you with any value, write to me & I'll give you a refund within the first 30 days.I'm passionate about making products people find value in and I'm confident in this product, but I want you to use it and be happy! The only thing I ask is that you let me know how I can improve.

Do I need a paid Notion account to use it?

No. This runs on the free Notion licence, so no paid license (or experience of Notion) is required.It also has guidance on how to get a free Notion account, if needed.

Is an educational discount available?

Yes. Get in touch and we can work out the details.

What do you know about playtesting?

The Playtest Kit is made by Steve Bromley, who has worked as a professional games user researcher for over a decade on AAA, AA and Indie games, and helped studios set up their own playtesting & user research processes.

Steve Bromley

He wrote the bestselling book How To Be A Games User Researcher.At last count, he has been responsible for over 26,000 hours of playtesting ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ’จ

Other questions...

Say hi on Twitter @steve_bromley. My DMs are open.

Juney Dijkstra

Working in the game industry inspires ample questions: Who are my potential players? Will they enjoy what I'm making? How can I make their experience even better, without spending decades and lots of money polishing? How do I know I'm on the right path?Plenty of resources can (start to) answer those questions for you, and high quality materials teach you how to find your own answers. The Playtest Kit is among the highest quality, providing clear, concise, practical tools and templates, and teaching how to find answers, to support the pursuit of excellence.This kit is a genuine wish come true, and I'm humbled to have been allowed to play a tiny part in bring it to life โ™ก

Juney Dijkstra MSc.
Legacy Portfolio Manager at Paradox Interactive

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Scott Brebner

Playtesting is one of the most critical aspects of game development and the playtest kit lays out the entire process in an easily digestible manner. Perfect for people new to the game scene and want to learn industry-standard practice, or for veterans who want to streamline their process.

Scott Brebner
Senior Game Designer at Glowmade

Playtest Kit

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